Who does donor care well? University of Queensland. Again.

Snip20160815_45Recently, I wrote a blog post about the great call I had from University of Queensland (UQ). I often highlight UQ in my blog because the UQ Advancement Office follows best practice.

But, this call was exceptional.

On this particular call, UQ hit all the right points – an expression of appreciation of my financial support; confirmation of my contact details; a request for renewed support; and, a follow up donor care video to thank me for my renewed support.

But, that’s not all!

UQ sent a personal thank you video a week later as an expression of their gratitude. This video included the actual caller expressing gratitude for my contribution.

Check this video out.

Every one of us should implement this strategy today! It’s inexpensive, fast, and links the donor direct to the caller.  Record a quick thank you message from the person who called the donor, or from a client, or staff person. This highly personal approach is something we can all employ from the field.