#GivingTuesday – a worldwide effort to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism.

Each year I write a blog post about #GivingTuesday. In these posts, I encourage non-profit organisations across Australia to join this dynamic global campaign, which focuses on driving people and entities to give money, time, and product during one 24-hour period. #GivingTuesday is the original Giving Day, not simply focused on your organisation, but on a worldwide effort to encourage philanthropy and volunteerism. A giving day is becoming more popular in Australia and this is one that is pre-built for you.

Pre-built marketing effort

The nice part about #GivingTuesday is the fact the marketing materials and key ideas come to you from the #GivingTuesday organisation. Additionally, #GivingTuesday does not simply involve work on behalf of charities. #GivingTuesday also involves everyone across the sector and from all walks of life, including:

  • Individuals
  • Clubs and Organisations
  • Businesses and Corporations
  • Schools

#GivingTuesday will take place on 3 December 2019. It is always the Tuesday following the US Thanksgiving holiday. It was designed that way. Why? The concept is people indulge in their family and in themselves during the US long holiday weekend – they gather with family and friends, they eat a big meal, and they shop endlessly over the four-day weekend. By the time Tuesday rolls around, people are back to work and need to do something to balance that indulgence. Enter #GivingTuesday – an event featuring online and offline giving in a very focused and massive way.

#GivingTuesday is only 15 Tuesdays away. If #GivingTuesdasy sounds of interest to you, get your planning started and determine ways your non-profit organisation might take advantage of a pre-built marketing campaign to drive increased engagement and donations to your organisation.

Thinking of starting your own Giving Day? Perhaps #GivingTuesday is a better strategy for your organisation. Already have a Giving Day at another time during the year? Perhaps participating in #GivingTuesday will offer a boost to participation and revenue during another time of the year.

For more information on #GivingTuesday, check out their website today. If you want to discuss #GivingTuesday or Giving Days in greater detail, contact FundraisingForce.