Model Charity End of Year Receipt Pack

MS QueenslandEnd of year receipts will be sent by many non-profit organisations over the next few weeks. Most charities have either sent their end of year receipts or are in the process of creating their packs to send in the next two weeks.

I received an end of year pack from MS Queensland this last week and I judged it to be a model pack. The pack contains a warm letter; a detailed end of year receipt showing each transaction including a receipt number, the date of the transaction, the amount donated, and the total donated for the year; and, a supplemental piece about a woman named Britt who was diagnosed with MS in early 2014 at 21 years old. The supplemental piece is referred to in the thank you letter and ends with a tie back to the impact of donor support and a final “thank you so much”.

The MS Queensland piece contains everything a donor care piece should. It oozes with solid stewardship.

Have you sent your end of year receipt packs yet? What is contained in your pack and how similar is it to the MS Queensland package?