Best practice response form in nonprofit tax appeal

Best Practice TWSI wrote previously about my giving to conservation organisations, including Bush Heritage Australia (BHA) and The Wilderness Society (TWS). I have also written about best practices these conservation organisations follow in terms of response devices and confirm, edit and enhance. This week I received a tax appeal from TWS.  The TWS response device spoke of best practice, yet again.

What makes this a best practice response device?

  1. The response device is clear, clean and easy to read.
  2. A question is featured to ask me if I wish to receive more information about the TWS bequest program.
  3. My contact details are pre-populated on the form.
  4. I was asked if my contact details are current.
  5. The form features multiple calls to action. There are three, in total, including the bequest tick box, a petition, and an opportunity to make a gift.
  6. TWS include vehicles to make my gift – post, phone and online.
  7. Finally, the form includes an opt out mechanism.

TWS, and BHA previously, know how to make it easy for the donor to respond to calls to action and to assist the organisations to keep their data clean and correct. Charities across Australia might make a gift to both nonprofit organisations to get on their mailing list and to see live best practice samples for themselves.