Bush Heritage Australia asks for the full information

BHAI received Bush Heritage Australia’s (BHA) latest appeal this week. BHA always have pleasant looking packages and I was most impressed with the appeal’s response device.

I often times blog about the need to confirm, edit and enhance. When in contact with a supporter, nonprofit organisations must – confirm their contact details; edit erroneous contact details; and, enhance their record by seeking missing details. In this appeal, BHA have asked for my home phone, mobile, Email and date of birth.  BHA have also filled in any details already known, which in my case includes my mobile, Email and date of birth. This prevents me from having to give the details again (nothing is more annoying) AND it allows me simply to confirm or edit anything wrong.

Notice BHA have placed  “already on database” instead of putting my actual birthdate on the date of birth line. You might wonder why? I thought it was a clever way to perhaps not offend some or even alarm others by putting the actual date on the piece. Perhaps I am wrong?

BHA often have best practices in place. This response device is no exception.

What do you ask for on your response devices? How do you confirm, edit and enhance?