Wisconsin Alumni Association offers a great donor care example

waaI recently gave a donation to the Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA), which is the alumni association for my alma mater – the University of Wisconsin. The gift is a small token of my appreciation for the way the university set me up for success in life. It is also my way to recognise the terrific work the WAA does to mobilise its alumni base and to keep us engaged with the University of Wisconsin.

WAA could have sent me a form letter to thank me for my contribution. Instead, I received a very personalised thank you letter with a hand- written note from the CEO of the WAA, Paula Bonner. The note invites me to come back to campus next summer when the WAA Alumni Park is finished. The WAA and Paula Bonner know how to continue to engage its base of active Alumni who “bleed Wisconsin red”.

Whether you work for a university or a non-profit charitable organisation, each of us can learn from this type of donor care or stewardship. It might seem simple and, even, basic. But, personal outreach holds high value for your constituencies.