Which charity is first this year with a Christmas appeal?

My mother used to complain about the speed in which retailers put out Christmas merchandise. It seemed, at least by her book, the retailers started the Christmas season earlier and earlier each year. Each year I write a blog post about the charity which sends me their Christmas appeal first. Last year it was the Salvation Army and it arrived in the later part of Oct. Which charity is the first this year with a Christmas appeal?

For the third year in a row, it’s the Salvation Army – this year sending their Christmas appeal to me on 3 October. Following, as a close second, is White Ribbon Australia. White Ribbon sent their appeal on 5 October.

What are the benefits to send the first charity appeal?

By sending their Christmas appeal first, the Salvos and White Ribbon stand out in the letterbox. Additionally, both also increase the number of potential waves to their appeal because, just by nature of the time on the calendar, both allow for more waves to be sent in the 11 weeks we have remaining before Christmas.

Since receiving these Christmas appeals, I have not received others – whether via AUS Post or an EDM. Therefore, the Salvos and White Ribbon have continued to stand out – at least in my letterbox and Email inbox.

I guess Mom was right. Christmas does come earlier each year – especially for charitable organisations.