What will you do differently in the year 2020?

It’s the first official day back at work after the long Christmas and New Year holidays. It is a time of renewal, of refresh, and of reset. I hope your batteries are recharged and you have a boost in energy to welcome what will greet you when you set at your desk for the first time since the last decade! What are your plans for the new year? What will you do differently so the year 2020 looks very different than the year 2019?

Many of us set out to turn over new leaves, to try new strategies, or to work harder at approaches we have in place. Perhaps we will try to tackle things gathering mould on our to do lists. Maybe we will be guided by a new strategic plan. Whatever it is that will motivate us as we come back fresh from 2+ weeks off of work, do not lose site of the simple things that make a big difference in the workplace and in fundraising.

6 small actions which will make a drastic impact in Q1 2020

  • Speak to every staff person at least one time per week.
    • Are there people in the workplace who you typically do not acknowledge? Acknowledge them.
    • Are there people who you do not “socialise” with in the office? Ask them to have a coffee or a quick lunch.
      • You’d be surprised what you will learn about these people and the synergy and alliances you may develop through simple outreach.
      • Make plans to follow up in about a month or six weeks. Managers – this is a task for you, too. Often times managers or leaders do not “socialise” with various people at varying levels throughout the organisation. 
  • Call or send personal thank you notes to five donors per week.
    • These are the easiest forms of contact, yet they are often the most overlooked.
    • How about writing each donor on the anniversary of their recurring donation? Remind them of the value of their contribution.
    • Don’t merely focus on the $500 or $10,000 supporters. How about calling the $25 donor to tell them you are pleased they are on board and remind them of the value of all levels of support.
      • Document this outreach in your CRM.
  • Call donors who participated in your supporter survey to thank them for voicing their opinion and to discuss one or two items which they expressed on their survey response.
    • Hear more from them on these calls, express your gratitude for their opinions.
      • Document this outreach in your CRM.
  • Call or send personal thank you notes to five volunteers per month.
    • These, too, are the easiest forms of contact. Likewise, they are often the most overlooked.
    • Volunteers are not on your payroll. You are. Remind them of the tremendous value their time and support of the organisations brings to the charity.
      • Document this outreach in your CRM.
  • Clean up your desk at the end of each business day.
    • Organise a small stack of things you intend to accomplish the following business day.
      • You’d be surprised the level of motivation a clean desk will bring you.
      • You will also be surprised how much time it will save you to have your day organised prior to arriving at the office.
  • Delegate the tasks you cannot accomplish.
    • Ask your colleagues to lend a hand.
      • Be ready to lend your colleagues a hand when they are in a similar situation.

2020 is the commencement of a new decade. Each one of us has an opportunity to do things which will change the landscape of non-profit organisations and of fundraising. Change the things close to home. Add six more items to the suggested list I have offered above. Let’s check in with one another to see where we are when we welcome the year 2021.