Giving days are becoming VERY popular!

Giving days appear to have started in the university sector in the United States some four or five years ago. The giving days focus alumni, donors, and prospective donors on initiatives to support in a single day. Giving days are becoming very popular. In fact, this year we are seeing…giving weeks!

Universities such as Florida State University, Boston University, and countless others have giving days or weeks! Sacramento, California’s capital city, has a Big Day of Giving where the city has partnered with a variety of community foundations to encourage people to “Give where your heart is”. And, it does not stop there. Charities such as the Red Cross are holding giving days as well.

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Why are these days (or weeks) so popular? Not only is there a big opportunity to raise money, but the giving days offer a chance to really get the word out and to allow people to have a greater emotional connection to your organisation. Columbia University reported raising over $11 million on its 2014 giving day via 10,452 gifts from 50 states and 53 countries! Now, that’s reach.

It won’t be long before every one of the marquis universities in Australia join this trend. But, why stop there? Why wouldn’t charities, healthcare and medical research institutes, museums, and private schools jump on the bandwagon and test a giving day themselves?