Excellent examples of EOY receipts and donor care

Last week I wrote a blog post about End of Year (EOY) receipting and I suggested some staff of organisations prefer a root canal over their EOY receipt process. I received interesting feedback about that blog post and I think it resonated with more than a few readers. I have received some excellent examples of EOY receipts and donor care over the last few weeks. I want to share some of them with you today and to highlight the pros and cons I see with each.

Not just about the receipt – it’s about donor care

Zoos VictoriaEOY

Pros: Zoos Victoria point out the impact of my giving in my EOY receipt. In this receipt, I learned about dog training, captive breeding programs, the birth of some lion cubs, and various animal research projects. I was also given key contact details (web, email and phone) if I am interested in learning more.

Cons: Since Zoos Victoria is such a public space, and as a long-term monthly supporter, I wished they had invited me in for a tour.

CARE AustraliaDonor care

Pros: CARE Australia sent an eMail message of thanks, along with an automated slide show of people from all over the world. The images are real people in real locations. In the eMail, CARE included a link to a video message containing people worldwide offering their thanks.

Cons: I wish CARE Australia had asked me for an additional gift in this message (this is the aggressive American fundraiser in me).

Salvation Army

Pros: Salvation Army sent their EOY receipt in a clearly marked envelope containing teaser copy highlighting the content. Inside, the pack thanks me repeatedly and also tells the story about a gentleman named Paul. The letter makes an additional ask AND there is a return envelope for ease in making a donation. The EOY receipt is clear and concise, containing all my contributions.

Cons: Salvation Army could have followed up with a thank you video similar to CARE Australia. Salvation Army has much to show in terms of programs helping countless Australians. Why not put this to video?

In sum – use the EOY receipt as an opportunity to make an additional ask. At the same time, ensure the message of thank you is repeated throughout the piece. Finally, use video to tell your story and don’t forget your EOY receipt may be multi-channel.