Australia NFP Telemarketers – matching staff to demographics of call audience?

Worried Senior Woman Answering Telephone At Home

Are telemarketing suppliers hiring callers to better match the demographics of most charity donor files?

I am likely to be on many charity mailing and call lists. I receive calls to purchase lottery tickets and to make one off or to join regular giving programs.

I have received some really solid telemarketing calls lately. The caller sounds to be, in my estimation, older and more seasoned than telemarketers of yesterday.

While I cannot see the actual telemarketer, they sound more mature and closer to my age rather than half my age. Additionally, the call is about me, my past support, why they need my support now, and how my support can make a difference.

It is not often that telemarketing firms receive compliments. But, I have been tweeting about many of the calls I have received lately. The callers are engaging, charming, and convincing. In fact, I have become such a good target for these calls and tend to make a donation, become a regular giver, and/or buy lottery tickets simply because of the way the caller handles me on the call.

Kudos to the telemarketing firms who appear to be hiring callers who are of similar demographics of their target audience. Even bigger applause to them for the training, which must be underway to ensure better quality results for charities.