Are hand-written thank you notes a thing of the past?

I received a hand-written thank you note this week. Are hand-written thank you notes a think of the past?

When was the last time you received a hand-written note, card, letter, or any sort of communication? Perhaps you receive some birthday cards or a card at the end of the year to mark Christmas, Hanukah or another holiday.

I cannot recall the last time I received something hand-written. In fact, even birthday cards and other cards are becoming a thing of the past. We have become so reliant on electronic communications (Email and SMS) that we have reduced the use of personalised hand-written notes.

The note I received was from the CEO of Fundraising Institute Australia thanking me for teaching Fundraising Essentials and the FundraisingForce Fundraising Strategic Plan Masterclass for FIA this past year. The envelope stood out in my letterbox because it was hand-written (and, I might add, very nice hand writing!). I immediately opened the envelope out of curiosity to find a kind acknowledgement of the volunteer work I had done for FIA.

This hand-written thank you note was a really nice touch and the message was much appreciated. A classy approach.

I challenge you to write one person a thank you note each week for the next year. See the difference it makes in their giving, their volunteer efforts, and their engagement. I am willing to bet you will see dividends from this very personal approach to donor care, stewardship and volunteer management.