Twitter. The New Customer Service Channel?


I’m the first to admit that when I need action with a company, I often times use Twitter to get their attention. In fact, I used Twitter twice this week. Why? Agents in customer service call centres rarely have the authority to act in the way needed. They offer empty promises that a supervisor will ring us back and the calls rarely end with satisfaction. Companies have tried to get consumers to use 24/7 chat, which often times ends up in similar frustration or a lack of action.

While Twitter is most often used by companies or organisations to promote something or to “toot their own horn”, Twitter today is often times used by consumers, or in our case, donors, to praise a company/organisation or to complain.

Does your nonprofit organisation have someone responsible for social media who, also, monitors Twitter? Do you have an action plan to respond to Tweeters who post praise or complaints? How about an action plan to welcome new Twitter followers or to monitor those who re-Tweet one of your posts? Is the above part of your social media strategy?