Salvation Army – first with their Christmas Appeal

My Mom always used to say it felt like Christmas came earlier each and every year. Each year I watch to see which non-profit organisation will be first to send their Christmas appeal. The Salvation Army is first with their Christmas appeal this year.

The Salvation Army appeal arrived on 1 October. For the fourth year in a row, Salvos are first in sending their appeal. In fact, I have did not receive another in the three weeks following the arrival of the Salvos appeal and none until early November.

Why does this matter?

Any charitable organisation which sends their appeal early allows for ample time to conduct further waves/follow up appeals. In fact, Salvos have allowed themselves nearly three months to measure, monitor, and adjust strategy. Charities that send their appeals in November (and, others in December) cut themselves short and do not allow much wiggle room to adjust their strategy should the initial wave not prove to be successful.