Regular giving upgrade? McGrath Foundation – tick

McGrath FoudationRecently, I wrote about the lack of upgrade strategies in charities when it comes to their regular giving programs. I am a member of a variety of regular giving programs and have rarely, if ever, been asked to upgrade my gift from the original amount.

On Saturday, while away on holiday, I received a call from a supplier representing the McGrath Foundation. I took the call from a remote location.

The caller did the following:

  1. Expressed gratitude for my loyalty as a regular giver.
  2. Informed me of the progress made thanks to regular donors such as myself.
  3. Talked about McGrath Foundation’s goals for the next several years in regard to the McGrath Foundation Breast Care Nurse program, the program funded by the organisation’s regular supporters.
  4. Requested I consider a nominal increase in my monthly gift to help McGrath Foundation achieve their goals.

As you know from my last blog on the topic, this is a call I have been waiting to receive. I believe every charitable organisation needs to have a regular giving upgrade path in place. Few do.

The additional amount I added to my current regular gift amounts to two cups of coffee I would consume during a course of a week. This does not impact me in any way and it is everything to McGrath Foundation and the women and men the organisation will serve in the coming year. It’s a no brainer.