Regular giving upgrade – where is the ask?

As a regular giver to 12 Australian charities, I am most surprised at the lack of an ask to upgrade my gift each year. Of the 12 regular giving programs I personally support, only 1 has asked me to upgrade my gift year on year.

When I ask my non-profit clients why this is the case, charities state a fear of asking for an increased gift. They state a donor might downgrade or worse, cancel, their gift if we ask the donor to give $5 or $10 more a month.

The aggressive American fundraiser in me suggests you will never know the outcome if you don’t take the leap and make an ask. a sophisticated regular giving program must include an upgrade path for donors. Some programs even include an agreed auto upgrade program for donors year over year. Don’t miss the opportunity to further solidify a relationship with regular givers by asking them to become even more committed to the organisation. $5 more a month is one less cup of coffee to the donor.