New month – take four steps forward for donor care

It’s a new month and the first full work week of August 2014. Take four important steps today for donor care.

  1. Call a major donor who has not heard from your organisation in a while. Simply ask how they are going, tell them two or three exciting things happening with your organisation, and thank them for their support in the past.
  2. Call a first time donor to your organisation. Welcome them, thank them for their support, and tell them two or three exciting things that their support is making possible.
  3. Call a volunteer. Thank them for the time they have given to your organisation and tell them how much you appreciate them.
  4. Record all of the above conversations in your donor database/CRM. Don’t just record the logistics of the call — who, what, when, and how – but, record what was said on the call.

Make these calls before your work week takes over and you forget what is important – donors and volunteers. It’s about the people. People make your organisation happen!