Happy Thanksgiving, USA

It’s Thanksgiving in the USA and, by now, many will have enjoyed a meal surrounded by family and friends. I woke up this morning to several Thanksgiving greetings from nonprofit organisations including the following from Share Our Strength, Boston Children’s Hospital, The Michael J Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research, and SpeakEasy Stage Company:









Earlier this year I wrote about one of my favourite donor care messages from University of Queensland.

Messages such as these, and the one I received early week from the Wisconsin Alumni Association, are wonderful ways to show the love for your donors. These stewardship pieces are cost effective to produce and very fruitful in sharing the joy. These pieces are also great motivators for people to continue their support by making an immediate gift at calendar year end.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, worldwide! And, to the charities taking the time to send these messages of gratitude out – thank you! You not only made this donor feel good, but you also added variety to my in box this morning, which is full of “black Friday” sales offers from retailers. Kudos.