Fundraising – Don’t apologise for doing it

One of your Sydney-based fundraising colleagues sent me a request for money this week. The request, from a hospital, opened with “We hope you don’t mind, but this time we are reaching out to ask for your support”. Of course I do not mind. Maybe I did not mind before you raised the possibility. Even if I did mind, don’t apologise for fundraising. Do not put the doubt in the prospect or donor’s mind.

I have been a recent patient at this hospital. I used their paid internet while in this hospital for a week. After discharge, I received a “survey” about my experience using the internet. In the survey, the hospital asked if I would opt in to receiving fundraising and marketing appeals. Of course I said yes. Therefore, I received this email appeal just a week later. So, why would I “mind” the hospital reaching out to ask for support?

Be confident when making an ask and your donors will respond accordingly. If you are not confident, perhaps you are in the wrong business!