Clive Palmer sent an unsolicited SMS…again

Last week I wrote about Australian politician Clive Palmer sending an unsolicited text. Clive Palmer sent an unsolicited SMS…again.

This new text suggested, if elected, he will work to stop politicians from sending unsolicited texts. I asked the obvious question – why send an unsolicited text just to suggest you are working to end unsolicited texts by politicians?

Reported in the media, Clive Palmer apparently sent this second unsolicited text-based on the negative reaction he received from the first text he sent to Australian voters. Perhaps some Australians may view this strategy as “clever”. However, there is no way for someone, like me, who find it annoying to opt out of future messages.

Perhaps Clive Palmer views the publicity he has received from this tactic to be positive. He has received a lot of airplay from the annoyance, including two posts from this Australian fundraiser. Nonetheless, why is it that politicians pass legislation excluding themselves of having to follow the law? Clive Palmer says his text messages are entirely legal under the privacy act. that may or may not be true. Why don’t politicians, at least, follow best practices Australian charities and businesses follow?