Birthday tracking in the CRM

Is your organisation tracking donor’s and prospect’s birthdays? What do you do with the birthdays once you record them in your constituent relationship management (CRM) solution? It’s time you use them to show appreciation of those donors closest to you. One such way is to recognise donors on their birth date. Birthday recognition impresses donors.

I am a recurring purchaser of several charity lotteries and I am also a regular donor of multiple charities. On my birthday, I receive cards, SMS messages, and emails from some of those charities I routinely support.

Mater Foundation recognises their regular lottery ticket purchasers each year on their birthday

Ways to recognise donors on their special day

Our family and friends send greetings in all forms on our birthday. But, think about the difference charitable organisations make when they recognise the special donors in their portfolios. Donors appreciate recognition on their birthday. Some ways charitable organisations recognise donors on their birthdays, include: sending SMS messages, celebratory emails, or personalised birthday cards; or, by calling the donor. Most organisations choose more personal channels for those really special donors.

Ways to obtain dates of birth

There are a multitude of ways you can acquire a donor’s date of birth, which include asking via:

  • Direct marketing response devices
  • Supporter surveys
  • Interactions with donors, including visits, phone calls, or email

When asked, some donors may share all three date elements for their birthday – day, month and year. Other donors may tell you the day and month of their birthday, but may not share the year. Some CRMs allow for this fuzzy birthday to be recorded. Others will not unless you create custom fields for month, day and year. Figure out what your CRM will allow and create procedures to accommodate both scenarios.

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