Best practice moment – Bobby Goldsmith Foundation

Does your non profit organisation have a solid process in place to encourage supporters to update their contact details? Is the process multi-channel?

Snip20160131_13I received an email from Bobby Goldsmith Foundation on Friday and I was pleased to have the opportunity to update my details. The piece is best practice and I want to share it with you.

When creating opportunities for supporters to update their contact details, the following are essential components:

  • Create a process to allow for online/Email, phone, and post responses.
  • Ensure online responses land in your constituent relationship management (CRM) system to eliminate the need for rekeying of information.
  • Always allow for the donor to give an additional donation. If you do not, you’ve missed an opportunity.
    • Donors often times will realise they failed to keep you posted of their movements and realise they are not current in their support of your organisation.
  • Ask for more information than you currently hold on the supporter. Lack a person’s mobile or home numbers? Lack their email address?
    • Remember, this is about enhancing their contact record as much as it is editing their record. Show the lack of information on their form.

It’s the time of the year when all charities should be reviewing, strengthening, and, in some cases, developing internal processes. Take a moment and look at your contact details update process.