An awesome telemarketing call from a charity

An awesome call from a charity. Am I nuts? Whoever says such a thing?!

I received a wonderful telemarketing cDo Not Call Forces Philadelphia Telemarketing Firm To Closeall from Seeing Eye Dogs Queensland on Monday evening. I love these calls – especially when the caller provides a good quality experience for the recipient!

This caller identified herself from Apple Marketing Group. She really made me feel appreciated for my past financial support, stated a strong case for support, and encouraged me to give a regular gift and to become a “super” supporter. In the ask, she described the benefits of giving at this level.

You know what else I liked about telemarketing call from Seeing Eye Dogs Queensland? The Apple marketing Group employee did not make me feel uncomfortable, I did not feel pressured, and she respected my time. It was truly a conversation between two individuals – the rare type of telemarketing call from a charity or supplier. In the end, she left me with a very good impression of Seeing Eye Dogs QLD, the organisation’s services, and my ability to make a difference.

The following day, I received another call from an energy company. The caller, hard to understand, had to repeat his pitch to me three times, he made me feel as though I was incompetent because I am using the wrong energy supplier, and I never fully understood his pitch. I ended up telling him to please take me off their list.

Does your organisation monitor your telemarketing agency? Most agencies will allow you to listen in to various calls throughout your programme so you might applaud people like this particular caller and correct issues or misinformation on other calls. Telemarketing is not an inexpensive channel. You owe it to your organisation to monitor calls and to make such monitoring part of your quality assurance.