Your non-profit’s staffing for a CRM implementation is critical

StaffingIn the last post, I wrote about the importance of a healthy relationship with the CRM supplier implementation team. This cannot be understated. I stated this is one of the key parts of a CRM implementation project. Your staffing is another one of the more critical ingredients of a non-profit organisation’s CRM implementation. Getting it right is essential.

Non-profit staffing

While the CRM supplier has a responsibility to you to ensure they supply top notch staffing, your non-profit organisation, likewise, has a responsibility to the project to ensure you name experienced people to key positions. It is absolutely essential you:

  1. Have the appropriate level of staff on the non-profit side for the course of the CRM implementation.
  2. Hire the right people for the right positions for the CRM implementation.
    • Project management.
    • Business process design/analyst.
    • Data conversion analyst.
    • Change management.
  3. Ensure job descriptions for all team members are written, communicated and understand.
  4. Reassess positions for the time when the supplier is completed with the implementation and you are on your own.
    • A CRM project may seem completed when the supplier finishes the implementation, but the project will require ongoing staffing to ensure adoption and use by your end users.

Non-profit organisations often times believe a CRM implementation is the single responsibility of the CRM implementation firm. This is not the case. Sure, you are paying the supplier a healthy sum of money to deliver a service and, as stated in my previous blog post, suppliers have a huge responsibility to ensure they deliver for your organisation. At the same time, every organisation has a responsibility to themselves to make certain you are properly staffed to deliver the project. To assume this is the supplier’s sole responsibility is both naive and irresponsible.

Think through your staff in two respects – for the implementation project and for post-Go Live. Be flexible and make adjustments along the way.