User friendly and forward thinking fundraising platforms

End of Financial Year Savings Concept with end of financial year building blocks and wood calendar on white wood table.Tax time. It’s upon us. Stress about what it will bring, scrambling to find all your receipts and documentation, and regret about what you should have done are all factors this time of year.

I was pleased to receive an Email on 25 June from one of the fundraising platforms allowing me to print my annual giving receipt. I was even more pleased when the platform encouraged me to make additional gifts to the charities I had supported and to encouraged me to make that gift in the closing hours of the financial year.

It is my understanding that both GoFundraise and Everyday hero have this functionality and offer this end of year service.

The tax time annual receipt functionality is of great assistance to those who may not have kept receipts throughout the course of the year. Additionally, the prompt to give an additional gift before midnight on 30 June is an added bonus for the donor and the charity alike. We have a lot going on in the final five days of the financial year and these sites make it easy for the donor by simply including a link to the giving page.

Ease of use and convenience are two ways fundraising platforms make the donor and the charity’s lives easier. Hats off to GoFundraise and Everydayhero to leaders in the Australian marketplace.