US charities send New Years greetings

Earlier this week, I blogged about the fact I was inundated (in a good way!) by US charities seeking one final gift prior to the close of the calendar (and their fiscal) year. In that blog, I encouraged all organisations to test adding a calendar year-end appeal to your mix of communications this year and to use a similar approach to your own fiscal year-end appeals for 30 June.

On New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day, I, likewise, received a host of donor care/stewardship messages from charities wishing me a Happy New Year and thanking me for my support of the charity over the past year. Some messages were simpler, while others included a year-in-review video or other communications tools. As a supplier to the non-profit sector, @FundraisingForce sent a greeting out to customers, prospective customers, and others in social media.

This simple and easy donor care method, like the calendar year-end appeal, should be added to your communication mix for 2015. I would also suggest suppliers in the non-profit space should do the same. Here is an example I received from Boston Children’s Hospital, which contained a video message. Happy New Year!