Switch up your donor care treatments

I travel each week. I am a creature of habit. I mostly take the same flights, I usually sit in the same seat on the plane, and I try stay in the same hotels. Things are pretty routine. Because I stay in the same hotel, I am surprised each week when I receive the same welcome note, hand signed by the same manager. I now know the note by heart. It’s nice to receive the note from the manager each week – please do not get me wrong. But, I am wondering why the hotel does not switch up their customer care treatments in the same way we need to keep our donor care treatments fresh in the nonprofit sector.

Thank you

I encourage clients to, at a minimum, refresh their donor thank you letters at least quarterly. Cash donors, who give more than once in a year, deserve a new thank you letter than they might have received five months ago. You don’t want your donors to “check into your hotel” and get the same welcome letter from the manager!