Professional development – a non-negotiable for managers and staff alike


"EDUCATION" Tag Cloud Globe (training university exam degree)Managers often argue against investing in the professional development of staff by saying staff turnover makes them shy from sending staff to various external courses or learning opportunities. Hearing the word “no” is too common for staff when staff request to attend a conference or course.

Professional development should be a non-negotiable for managers and staff alike. Management should budget for staff professional development and staff should take ample advantage of these opportunities – those which cost and those which are free-of-charge.

Why is professional development important for organisational development?

Why should staff take advantage of professional development?

Professional development benefits both staff and employers. Managers who send staff to education courses, seminars, conferences, and webinars will find staff to be more enthused, engaged and loyal. Staff will find themselves to be knowledgeable about current trends and practices, gaining knowledge, and sharpening skills.

Professional development is a life-long responsibility you and I have as managers, leaders and staff.