It’s National Volunteer Week – let’s celebrate the Australian volunteer!

National Volunteer WeekThere are weeks and months to recognise various charities and causes. Few activities we do are more important than celebrating our volunteers. It’s National Volunteer Week – let’s celebrate the Australian volunteer!

Most of us volunteer in one way, shape, or form for a non-profit, community, or professional organisation. Some put in enough hours to equate to a part-time staff position. But, are we always recognised for our service and do we feel valued?

There are countless ways in which we can show our gratitude to volunteers whether they work one shift a year or volunteer on a regular basis. What are you doing to recognise your non-profit organisation’s volunteers? Here are some quick and easy ideas:

  • Send a thank you eMail to every volunteer.
    • Personalise the communications.
  • Segment an electronic communications to show real value and appreciation to those giving the most service.
    • Recognise the top tier and the number of hours each has dedicated to your charitable organisation.
    • Add a video naming the volunteer and thanking them for something in particular.
  • Send a thank you card signed by each member of your team.
  • Conduct a volunteer recognition social event.
    • Honour a small set of volunteers who have gone above and beyond this last year.
  • Nominate a volunteer for a community award.
    • Nominating someone will shed light on your non-profit organisation’s volunteer program and will encourage others to excel in their service.
    • Fundraising Institute Australia recognises a volunteer of the year in each state, as well as nationally, each year.
  • Feature a volunteer in each issue of your eNewsletter.

We do not need to what until national volunteer week to show gratitude. Remind volunteers each day how valuable their volunteer service is to your organisation.

Simply saying thank you each time someone finishes a volunteer shift will make a big difference. And, it’s free!