Is Salesforce Going to Sunset the Nonprofit Success Pack?


Salesforce is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) platform used by non-profit organisations, schools and universities of all sizes to manage their relationships with donors, alumni and other stakeholders. Nonprofit organisations, in particular, have benefited from a specialised tool called the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) to better manage their donor relationships, fundraising efforts, and program tracking. However, there have been concerns in the nonprofit community about the future of NPSP. Is Salesforce going to sunset the Nonprofit Success Pack, and what does it mean for nonprofit organisations? In this blog post, we will explore the current status and potential outcomes for NPSP.

Understanding the Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP)

The Nonprofit Success Pack (NPSP) is a set of Salesforce tools and best practices specifically designed to address the unique needs of nonprofit organisations. It provides a customised CRM solution for nonprofits, helping them manage their donors, volunteers, programs, and fundraising campaigns. NPSP offers pre-built data models, reports, and dashboards, making it easier for nonprofits to track and report on their activities. For many nonprofit organisations, NPSP has been a valuable tool to streamline their operations and improve their impact.

Rumors of NPSP’s Sunset

In recent years, there have been rumors and concerns circulating within the nonprofit community about the potential sunset of NPSP. These concerns stem from a few key factors:

  1. Salesforce’s Focus on Industry Clouds: Salesforce has been increasingly focusing on industry-specific solutions through its Industry Clouds. These clouds offer customised solutions for various sectors, including healthcare, financial services, and nonprofit. Some speculate that Salesforce might shift its nonprofit offerings to its Nonprofit Cloud, potentially phasing out NPSP.
  2. Evolving Technology: Technology is constantly evolving, and Salesforce is no exception. As Salesforce continues to innovate and enhance its platform, some nonprofit organisations worry that NPSP may not receive the same level of updates and support.
  3. Community Uncertainty: The nonprofit community relies on NPSP for its daily operations. Any uncertainty or changes in its future can cause concerns and disruptions in the nonprofit sector.

Salesforce’s Stance on NPSP

As of my knowledge based on interactions with the Asia Pacific Salesforce team, Salesforce does not officially have any plans to sunset NPSP. The company remains committed to serving the nonprofit sector and providing tools that cater to their unique needs. Salesforce continues to work on enhancing its nonprofit offerings, including Nonprofit Cloud, while keeping NPSP accessible and functional for nonprofit organisations.

Remember, there are over 40,000 active NPSP users worldwide. Salesforce have only just begun to explore the migration tooling for NPC. They are not encouraging NPSP users to migrate and suggest they consider future migration in line with their normal innovation cycle.

The Future of NPSP

It is essential for nonprofit organisations using NPSP to stay informed about any updates or changes from Salesforce. As of the last update, NPSP remains a valuable tool for many nonprofits. However, it’s also advisable for nonprofit organisations to consider the broader Salesforce ecosystem and explore other offerings, such as Nonprofit Cloud, that may complement their needs.