Has #GivingTuesday™ not taken off in Australia?

Australia – by nature of where we are located across the international date line, we are first in the world for the New Year; first in the world for the super moon; and, first in the world for other matters. So, why is it that we are not first in the world for #GivingTuesday™? The campaign does not seem to have taken off with the traction I would expect given our robust non-profit sector.

It is #GivingTuesday™ today – a simple concept. #GivingTuesday™ is a movement to create a national day of giving to kick off the giving season. This is the fourth annual GivingTuesday™. In the same way that retail stores take part in Black Friday and Cyber Monday, charitable organisations want the giving community to come together for #GivingTuesday™. Partners create and commit to a project for/on #GivingTuesday and then help spread the word to their networks.

I am making a personal contribution today to any charity who asks me for a donation on #GivingTuesday™ in hopes that one day we can be first in the world in this worldwide campaign. I hope you will join me in doing something for charitable organisations today.