Fundraising strategic planning – made fun – register now

Tomorrow, a dozen fundraisers will gather to participate in a masterclass I created to deliver for Fundraising Institute Australia in Melbourne and Sydney. This masterclass, Fundraising Strategic Planning is an opportunity for participants to learn about:

  • Which parties to engage when developing your Fundraising Strategic Plan.
  • The key components of a successful Fundraising Strategic Plan, including budgeting and timing.
  • How to create measurable objectives.
  • How to confidently write sections of your Fundraising Strategic Plan.

Participants prepare a few “homework” assignments in advance of the class, which allows them to commence their strategic planning in class. In fact, this advance work will allow their fundraising strategic plan will be:

  • Focused on key fundraising and organisational goals.
  • Based on actionable steps.
  • Investment-oriented and focused on activities creating strong long-term funding sources.

Last Chance to Register

FundraisingForce created this class as an offer it for FIA. There is one last chance to take it. The class will be offered one last time in Sydney on 29 November. Register today.