Fundraising organisations lack policies and procedures

Snip20160714_37Does your nonprofit organisation lack a comprehensive policies and procedures manual? No? Join the thousands of other NFPs who, likewise, lack a policies and procedures manual. It is an epidemic.

Why do organisations lack a dedicated policies and procedures manual?

Perhaps the following are reasons:

  • Lack of time to create the manual.
  • Lack of a person responsible for the creation of the manual.
  • The manuals are viewed as a less than fun (often viewed as boring) activity to create.

A policies and procedures is an essential component of any fundraising operation. The manual will be a reference point and will guide staff toward best practice operations across the department.

A solid policies and procedures manual takes time (usually about 2-3 months to create) and dedication to create. In the end, it can be fun and rewarding to have in place.