Do you have an elevator pitch?

elevator-pitchDo you have an elevator pitch for your organisation? If someone asks you what your organiation does or why they should fund your organisation, are you prepared to give a succinct few lines? Many staff and some volunteers might struggle with this task. It is something we all need to be able to do with ease.

Practice this at home in front of the mirror. <Name>, what is it that <Organisation Name> does? Rehearse your response, offering it with the most passion and excitement, and include the following:

<Organisation Name> is:

  • Best known for….
  • Serves the following…
  • Last year, <Organisation Name>…
  • With over <count> of people living with <name of condition>, <Organisation Name>….
  • In the end, our ultimate goal is…
  • Did you know that <Organisation Name> discovered…

Think of how long it takes you to ride an elevator from the first to the tenth floor of an office building. That is the amount of time (or even less) you can capture someone’s attention, Make use of the time so you are ready at a cocktail party, at a dinner, or, even in an elevator, to pitch your organisations in a clear, concise, and passionate way.

The FundraisingForce elevator pitch is the following:

FundraisingForce was founded as a boutique consulting firm serving organisations and fundraisers in Asia-Pacific, Europe, and North America. We only hire the most experienced consultants who have worked in the non-profit sector so you can be sure we have walked in your shoes and resolved challenges like yours before. Customer service is at the core of every engagement. Your mission is our business!

What’s your elevator pitch?