CRM Readiness – how ready is your non-profit organisation?

A robust CRM is not for every non-profit organisation because not every organisation is ready to transition to a robust CRM. In terms of CRM readiness – how ready is your non-profit organisation?

One way to determine if your organisation in ready to adopt a new CRM is to create an assessment of such readiness. An assessment can be done by creating a scoring mechanism against four key areas:

  • Senior Management Engagement.
  • Organisation Strategy.
  • Processes and Procedures.
  • Training and Support.

Define each area by suggesting what would determine a perfect score for each of the four areas. Create a metric of 0 – 5 and score each of the areas. Ask a group of individuals to participate.

Defining CRM Readiness

  • Senior Management commitment to the project.
    • Your leadership team understands adopting a CRM is a long-term objective.
    • Your leadership team understands the CRM requires continued investment.
  • Matchback to organisation strategy.
    • Adoption of a CRM is part of the organisation’s current strategic plan and goals.
    • Investment in a CRM is key for your organisation to achieve other strategic objectives.
    • Your leadership understands the CRM is a critical factor in achieving organisation goals.
  • Documented processes and procedures.
    • Your business processes and procedures have been reviewed for best practice.
    • Departments within your organisation understand the business requirements which need to be delivered in your future CRM.
    • Processes and procedures are documented and ready for realignment in a new CRM.
    • You are open to realigning your current practices to match the adopted CRM.
    • Your Information Services department is willing to participate and engage in the CRM process.
    • While you have their agreement to participate, your Information Services department is willing to allow subject matter experts (SMEs) to drive process improvements across the business.
  • Ongoing training and support.
    • Budget has been allocated for ongoing CRM training and support post Go live.
    • Position descriptions have been developed for parties who will be responsible for ongoing maintenance and management of the CRM post Go live.

Scoring your organisation 15-20 suggests you are CRM ready. Scoring lower than 15 suggests you have areas of concern and you may wish to resolve those areas before you determine your organisation is CRM ready.