CRM Champion – we can all become one

Constituent Relationship Management (CRM) Champions. Are you one? Every organisation needs multiple CRM champions across the business. A CRM Champion in a person who takes ownership of your CRM. Every one of us can be a CRM Champion within our social purpose organisation.

The CRM Champion in your organisation ought to not just be your CRM manager.

Ways to be a CRM champion

There are four key actions you can take to be a leading CRM Champion within your organisation. Here is how:

  1. See something/say something.
    • If you see something in your CRM which could use some attention, say something. Organisation CRM managers do not always have a detailed view over everything in the CRM. Areas you might notice:
      • Duplicate records.
      • Incorrect post codes.
      • Incorrect phone formatting.
  2. Own records.
    • Whenever you are in possession of a CRM record, own it. Take the time not just to complete the task you had underway, but go the extra kilometre. Review the record by confirming the details. Edit anything you see as erroneous. And enhance anything you see that may be missing.
    • If you are a fundraiser who has a portfolio of prospects, ensure those ~150 or so records are pristine. The CRM will take fantastic shape if every portfolio holder manages the data in addition to the relationships.
  3. Ask constituents to perform CEE on every record.
    • Last year, I wrote a post about MS Queensland and a fantastic survey they conduct each year of their raffle ticket purchasers asking them to confirm their contact details. The survey offers a prize to those who take the time to confirm, edit, and enhance their details.
  4. Support your CRM management.
    • Do not consider your CRM management to be “back office functions”. Embrace CRM managers as part of key fundraising leadership. Treat them with the same respect you would treat the head of fundraising and the director of major gifts.
    • The CRM manager’s work, and the quality he/she brings to that work, is directly impacted by the respect he or she receives in the organisation.
    • The CRM manager should have all of the responsibility AND the authority to carry out his or her job.

Your CRM is not a database. Your CRM is a collection of information which brings intelligence and life to your non-profit organisation, school or university. The intelligence will help you to work smarter and to manage relationships more effectively. Taking the initiative to champion your CRM is the first start to a healthier and more vibrant CRM. Becoming a champion is the most important, least costly, investment you can make in your CRM tool. Start today.