Creating and sending an appeal in a few minutes or less?

Snip20150315_10Impressive. CARE Australia was able to send an appeal out about Cyclone Pam hitting Vanuatu within hours of the cyclone’s impact. This email reached my inbox seeking emergency donations to help people facing life threatening devastation.

How did CARE Australia get this out so quickly? In the case of a cyclone, CARE Australia was aware, via the international news, of the cyclone’s path and potential destruction. There was a bit more advanced notice on this one than, say, a hurricane or some other catastrophe. Nonetheless, organisations like CARE Australia have appeals like this ready to go so they may be launched in a moments notice.

The fact is all international relief organisations need to be ready to launch appeals quickly.

Your organisation should be able to do the same. What if a medical research organisation needed to announce a big breakthrough? What if a hospital or health organisation wanted to announce an advance in a procedure? Any of our organisations might have something exciting or some sort of issue to get out quickly. Yet, not all organisation are ready to push these type of communication out in an hour.

Organisations should plan for such an emergency/urgency and hope you never have to use it. It is better to plan and not have to use it than to not plan and be unready to get something out when the urgency presents itself!