Charity reminders for anniversary gifts in memory

A friend of mine passed away a year ago tomorrow. His family and friends have been dreading this one-year milestone. I can only imagine what his parents and sister are facing.

Not everyone remembers the exact date a relative, friend, colleague, or neighbour passed away. At the time of death, people send cards, flowers, gifts to charities in memory of, and perform other gestures to emphasise their condolences.

But, a year on and people typically forget.

AnnivI received a helpful Email this week and it triggered an idea of a possible technique we may wish to adopt in the nonprofit sector. The Email was from a florist I used to send flowers to the parents of my friend a year ago. It reminded me I sent the flowers, the date I sent the flowers, and what arrangement I sent. The Email served as a prompt to send them again.

The Email caused me to wonder why charitable organisations do not use this methodology to prompt supporters to give on the anniversary of the death of loved ones, friends and colleagues. Such a reminder would trigger follow up or further gifts on the anniversary of the death.

Does your nonprofit organisation send any sort of reminder on the anniversary of a tribute gift? If so, tell us the steps you take and about the success of the program.