Charity Christmas cards – have you purchased?

Christmas balls in winter setting,Winter holidays concept.
Christmas balls in winter setting,Winter holidays concept.

Christmas cards are certainly not sent at the same volume of the ’80s, ’90s, or, even, ten years ago. However, Christmas cards are still sent by many suppliers and individuals.

Have you purchased your Christmas cards to send to customers, family, friends and neighbours? Are the greeting cards benefitting a charity?

For anyone who still needs to select cards to send this season, I searched “charity greeting cards Australia” on Google to see what is available in the market. When I performed this GoSnip20151115_6ogle search, I was surprised by two factors:

  1. How few direct charity programs appearing on the first page of the search.
  2. The number of companies selling cards and allowing consumers to designate the benefiting charity.

Three direct charity programs resulted from this Google search, including: Oxfam, The Smith Family Foundation, and Surf Life Saving Foundation.

Yet, five companies offering greeting card sales, with the ability to designate a benefitting a charity, appeared in the same Google search results. Those companies, include:

Some companies resell charity Christmas cards, while others give you the freedom to design your card and designate the charity of your choice to benefit from a percentage of the cost.

There is a lot of competition in the charity greeting card space. It is likely most consumers do not decide to purchase a set organisation’s cards based on a Google search. Nonetheless, to stand out to those who may search online for cards, and above the corporate programs, charities need to do a better job to improve their standing in search results.