BPay is another option on the giving menu

Of all the charities I give to throughout the year, within the FundraisingForce mystery shopping study and independent of, I am surprised how few charities offer BPay as an option on the giving menu.

Donors prefer choice. BPay should be added to the menu of giving options for your charitable organisation.

BPay is very popular in Australia for you and I to use to pay our monthly bills. We use it for rent, mortgage, credit card, and other payments. Electronic bill pay is far more popular in Australia than it is in my home country, the United States. In fact, in the US, cheques are still the preferred method. This is particularly true amongst the over 65 age group. In Australia, the direct marketing target audience is largely over 65 and this group is already conditioned to prefer BPay for day-to-day business. Why not offer them BPay on your charity’s direct mail response devices?

FormQIMR Berghofer Medical Research Institute (QIMR) is one such organisation offering BPay. QIMR have offered BPay for the last 7 or so years.

QIMR use functionality in The Raiser’s Edge, which produces a BPay number based on the algorithm required by their bank. The Raiser’s Edge automatically creates a BPAY number for all new constituents added to the CRM, and it creates one for anyone in the database who may have been missed through a batch functionality. This smart technology means QIMR are able to offer choice to donors above and beyond their counterparts in the sector.

Does your non-profit’s CRM offer BPay creation for your donor records?