A travel audience is a captive audience

Airplane cabin aisle with rear view and seats

On a flight last week from Sydney to Melbourne, I was reminded by the fact that Virgin Australia does not seem to be promoting an adopted charity or a set of non-profit organisations in flight.

Don’t get me wrong. I love Virgin Australia and I have since my first flight on them 7 years ago. My loyalty for Virgin will not waver. Yet, I wish Virgin Australia promoted charities in the way their Qantas counterpart promote UNICEF. Qantas flight attendants ask people to give loose change to UNICEF and they collect the donations on board.

Sure, Virgin Australia give to charity and likely give generously. But, why don’t they promote their giving, educate us, and get passengers involved in their philanthropy?

Travellers are captive audiences. Companies and charities have our undivided attention. In a plane, where else are we going to go? And, we are in a hotel room for at least a night. Travel companies and charities ought to work together to promote partnerships. By doing so, they will do “good” for one another. It’s a win/ win for the charity and for the travel company.