The NFP sector – a sharing sector

The non-profit sector is a sharing sector.

Two hands portraying heart

Whether it’s benchmarking, conferences, webinars, professional development sessions, or blogs, there is ample opportunity for sharing in the sector. This cross-sector sharing allows for some to shine and others to learn.

What have you done this week to either share information or to soak up some knowledge? I attended the FIA Webinar presented by Fran Connelly from FC Marketing. Fran shared her knowledge on market readiness for NDIS. Later that afternoon I led the Study Group for candidates preparing to take the Certified Fundraising Executive (CFRE) examination. In a few short hours I was able to learn a good deal from the FIA Webinar and also offer my knowledge in the CFRE session.

Take time this coming week to offer your knowledge and to also gain some new information. Give some/take some to ensure the non-profit sector remains a sharing sector.