Protect passwords for your CRM

Charity staff need to treat passwords like gold. Some do not.

I visit, on average, three clients a week. I see passwords displayed on monitors, posted in workstations, and in other public forums most weeks. It is shocking. In some meetings, I hear things like “just use my login/password”. Instead of the person logging in for their colleague, they will share their password across the room. It is as bad as sharing your credit card number on a telephone call in the middle of an airport.

This is not true of all clients. Some are model examples of security.  But, it is certainly enough of an issue for me to write a blog post about the risk.

A non profit organisation’s CRM is the organisation’s number one asset. As staff, you hold the keys to the CRM through your login credentials. Don’t put the CRM at risk by displaying your password on your computer’s monitor or in another public forum.