Is your non-profit’s tax appeal file ready?

Tax Year Appeal

Is your non-profit’s end of tax year appeal file ready for your supplier to create your tax appeal? Have you appropriately segmented the file? It is getting late on the calendar – 30 June is nearly upon us.

Many charities take the “easy way out” and send the same tax appeal package to everyone on the data file. These organisations do not take the time to segment the data file in order to test various treatments against one another and to measure and monitor which segments are performing best and which are underperforming. To some, segmentation and data preparation is direct marketing 101. Others would rather have a root canal.

Non-profit organisations using tools like The Raiser’s Edge, Salesforce Nonprofit Success Pack, Blackbaud CRM, and others have premium tools at their fingertips. These tools allow for charitable organisations to properly segment each data file. Creating segments such as recency, frequency, and value (RFV) segments may be done in a few hours. Once the RFV segments are set up, you will be able to use the same strategy for marketing efforts into the future. Imagine having your tax appeal set up correctly and deploying the same strategy for the second wave of the appeal and having it in place for the Christmas appeal!

Your end of tax year appeal file segmentation does not have to be something you dread. It ought to be considered as best practice. Contact FundraisingForce if you require assistance with your next data file.