Face to face canvassers – are they engaging the wrong people?

Face to faceWalking out of Sydney Central station on any given day, I witness a collection of face to face canvassers who are raising money for a variety of charities. I watch them stop people in their early 20’s and ask myself – are they engaging the wrong people?

I never get stopped. Is it the fact I carry a laptop bag, look relatively professional, and am middle aged? Do I look unfriendly? What is it that causes canvassers to pass me up and stop people 30 years younger than me?

People in their 20’s are more likely to engage in a conversation than someone my age. I get it. That said, people in their 20’s have a far more restricted budget than typically someone my age. Additionally, people in their 20’s likely have a lower credit limit on their credit cards. So, why is it suppliers train their teams to canvass in the neighbourhoods where collections of 20 year olds commute, live, and entertain themselves? I have never understood this situation.

Further, charities pay these canvassers not only for successful sign ups. What good is it to sign up a lot of 20 year olds simply to have them cancel after their first or second transaction? Charities are likely to lose people at a greater rate the younger they are due to buyer’s remorse and budget stress.

Someone help me understand why canvassers are not engaging with people in their 50s. Please explain it to me.