Companies taking pride in philanthropy

Snip20160504_23Flying between Sydney and Melbourne this week, I was struck by two promotions showing companies taking pride in their philanthropy.

Qantas are continuing to promote its program for UNICEF. A giving envelope is placed in each of the headsets available for taking upon boarding. This long-standing program has raised millions of dollars for UNICEF. Often times, Qantas flight attendants make an appeal through on-board announcements for people to give their loose change. I have written about this terrific cause related marketing program prior.

Snip20160504_24Second, I witnessed the Westpac Bicentennial Foundation $100 million scholarship fund billboards throughout the Sydney and Melbourne airports. Lighted billboards highlight the promise Westpac have made to back 100 people with the “imagination to shape Australia’s future”. Westpac have committed to giving 100 scholarships each year…”forever”.

Imagine the “hidden philanthropy” which occurs where consumers are not aware of the good many companies are doing in Australia. It’s nice to see Qantas and Westpac promoting their philanthropic efforts and, in turn, encouraging other corporations to follow their lead.