Wisconsin Alumni Association sends Thanksgiving greetings

The Wisconsin Alumni Association (WAA) sent their Thanksgiving greetings yesterday by way of video message to WAA members. The well-rounded piece included a multitude of thanks from Paula Bonner, CEO of WAA, as well as a view of the campus, students, and activities, and what’s to come in the future. This is a perfect example of a superb donor care video and good, solid stewardship of donors.

Snip20151125_72I personally loved the ask for a gift when I opened the page as much as I did the video. The ask did not come at the end, but prior to even selecting play.

Wisconsin has a great tradition of raising a lot of money via its UW Foundation and also WAA. The alumni community is grateful to UW and shares love back in more ways than their pocketbook. Nonetheless, it is fantastic to see the love sent our way in a creative piece such as this Thanksgiving message. Wisconsin and the WAA really gets donor care and stewardship.

To all my fellow Badgers, Happy Thanksgiving!