A video which says thank you – in style


As a donor to a wide variety of charitable organisations across Asia-Pacific, Europe and the United States, I am fascinated by the ways in which these non-profit organisations, schools, and universities choose to say thank you (or not at all). Some use simple thank you messaging in a receipt or acknowledgement letter. Others, like St Vincent’s Hospital Foundation Melbourne, choose to deploy volunteers to call and offer a personal thank you. Now, others are utilising personalised video messaging in emails and other forums.

The University of Wisconsin Foundation sent me a personalised video in an email this past week. It was superbly done and hit all the right marks.

In the video, using ThankView technology, a student, Kim, offered thanks to me for my financial support of the University of Wisconsin. The email and the video contained my name. The UW Foundation used this treatment as a “check in” with alumni, as well as an opportunity to inform us of the transition to online learning during these unprecedented times. Further, the student suggested it was the support of people like me that made this transition possible.

The video was, simply put, informative and well received by this alumnus.

How does this technology work?

  • A list of donor’s names is provided to people like Kim to record the personalised videos.
  • Kim records the videos mentioning the first name of donors. In my case, the video was recorded for all Stephen’s/Steven’s on their file.
  • The video is uploaded and sent to all Stephen’s/Steven’s in the intended list.
  • The results are tracked in ThankView and recorded back to the University of Wisconsin CRM.
    • What is tracked? Open rates, viewings of the video, shares of the video, and other important metrics.

Purposes of videos

We think this technology is fantastic. It allows organisations to record videos for:

  • Birthday greetings.
  • Anniversary dates of giving.
  • Consecutive years of giving.
  • Milestones of giving.
  • Building and room reveals.
  • Program and service introductions.
  • Annual reports and stewardship reporting.
  • Other stewardship purposes.

Investing in this level of technology will not break the organisation’s budget and will likely pay multiple dividends to your organisation through supporter retention and other good will. This technology will also make your organisation stand above others in the market.

if you want to learn more about ThankView technology, contact ThankView here.