A touching recognition letter from Lindsay May

Lindsay MayWhat’s in your letterbox today? A few bills? Some charity appeals? Advertisements for the latest pizza restaurant in the neighbourhood? I received an envelope from Bluestar Direct on Tuesday afternoon. I suspected the envelope contained a follow-up sales piece related to the Fundraising Institute Australia (FIA) Conference two weeks ago.  Like you, I’ve received a few emails and mailings from suppliers since the FIA conference concluded.  But, it was not a sales piece. The envelope contained a letter from Mr Lindsay May recognising my being elevated as a Fellow of FIA at the recent FIA conference.

Many of you know Lindsay May. He is a class act. Lindsay has done much for our profession, for FIA, and for countless organisations and fundraisers over his career. To receive a letter like this at the end of a long work day touches me beyond words.

It is letters like these that you and I should write more often. Letters of congratulations, notes of thanks, and other personal outreach to donors, prospects, and colleagues mean so much to the recipient. This is personal touch, which is lacking, especially, in this day in age when SMS, voice mail, or Email have taken away the personalisation people crave. In the letter, Lindsay himself recognised how two people did the same for him when he was named an FIA Fellow. This obviously had a lasting impact on Lindsay. Lindsay’s letter will have the same impact on me.