Always done it that way? The need for non-profits to transform business processes

How many times a month do we hear “we’ve always done it that way”? If I had a dollar for each time, I could take a nice holiday! The facts are – the world changes, it evolves, and it is appropriate for all of us to examine every business process; question whether we can do that process in a smarter, more effective way; and, to transform the way we do things to be more efficient.

Non-profit organisations need to conduct a business process review at least every other year. Business process reviews are  relevant to schools and universities, as well as non-profit/charitable organisations.

Business Process Review – the process…

A business process review involves the following:

  • ¬†Workshops
    • Workshops aligned with an agenda set with your team members.
      • The agenda may cover all business areas or you may limit them to one portfolio or given processes within a single portfolio.
    • A review of all business processes, including any documentation to back up the process.
    • A day in the life – where a consultant works the processes with staff of the organisation in order to understand areas where there are bottlenecks, inefficiencies and opportunities for improvement.
    • A review of processes aligned with your non-profit organisation’s constituent relationship management (CRM) solution.
  • Document Review
    • A review of all organisation documentation related to policies and procedures.
  • Observations and Recommendations Report
    • A final report should be delivered and should contain observations and best practice recommendations from the review.
    • The report should also contain an action plan to address the recommendations.
  • Implementation
    • Implementation of the adopted best practice recommendations.

Advantages of External Consultant

Why hire an external consultant and why not just do the review yourself?

There are multiple advantages to hiring an external consultant to conduct the business process review:

  • External set of eyes. The consultant brings a fresh set of eyes to your business.
  • Objectivity. The consultant is unbiased and unattached to your business. He/she ought to be objective in their approach and have one interest in mind – to bring about efficiencies and to applaud existing best practices.
  • Experience. The consultant should bring years of experience to your organisation and also experiences from like organisations.

FundraisingForce conducts business process reviews. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at or on our contact us form on the FundraisingForce website.